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PLAce Holder™ is a value engineered, Diamondized™ Glass Bed Adhesion Solution (for printing with PLA) using detonation nanodiamond crystals for enhanced surface tension.


Holds 3D prints on the bed for a perfect print every time!  One application lasts up to 80 prints prints and sometimes more depending upon the print arrangement. Releases easily after the print cools.


One bottle provides 4-5 complete applications for a 300 mm X 300 mm bed. Follow detailed instructions for best results.


Contains 4 oz.



PLAce Holder™ Diamondized™ 3D Print Bed Coating for PLA

  • Contact NMPI for a return item authorization. Include your name, address, sales receipt and the remaining unused product. Explain the reason for return. The full purchase price will be refunded.


    $4.75 flat-rate per order + $1.50 for this item. Ships within 30 days to United States addresses only.

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