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Diamondized™ 3D Printer Nozzles

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Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. (NanoMPI) has a proven process for protecting metals used in high stress and abrasive applications. It adds a MOH=10 surface of nanodiamonds (“ND”) to the metal. NanoMPI has delivered this strategy in commercial and manufacturing applications for over 15 years. Application of ND modified, thin film tension chroming increases the life of the tools by about 10 fold. NanoMPI has adapted this coating process to our Diamondized™ 3D printing nozzles.

NanoMPI started by electroplating the nozzle outer surface with our 9th generation nanodiamond crystals and then coating them inside and out with the ultra-high temperature non-stick polymer used in cookware. They were then tested in Europe and the U.S. for nearly six months using extremely abrasive filament. Success! (Learn more by downloading our white paper.)

3D printing nozzles are tested by measuring the extrusion. Diamondized™ 3D printing nozzles show no change in extrusion throughout the life cycle of the nozzle. Diamondized™ nozzles exhibit better thermodynamics characterized by minimal temperature drift or overshot on heat-up. Print performance is smoother and cleaner with less drag and rare clogging. Receive high quality results even with lower grades of PLA. Easy nozzle maintenance: simply wipe the hot nozzle with a paper towel.

Diamondized™ 3D printing nozzles deliver superior performance over even premium nozzles, with greater precision and extended life. They deliver outstanding performance with both abrasive and standard materials.

NanoMPI Diamondized™ 3D printer nozzles with nanodiamond thin film coating are currently available in the following nozzle types and nozzle orifices

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