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PLA Nano™ is PLA filament infused with our detonation nanodiamond crystals, the same crystals that makes our 3D nozzles virtually indestructible (of course, you could smash one with a hammer). This results in filament strength approximately the same as carbon fiber filament, but with better abrasion characteristics and a lower cost.


Our rolls contain 400 meters of 1.75 mm (+/-5%) filament with a weight of 1.18 kg (+/-5%) per roll.


Available colors: Red, Black and Blue. 


Manufactured exclusively for Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. by Plexiwire™

PLA Nano™ Filament


    Contact NMPI for a return item authorization. Include your name, address, sales receipt and the remaining unused product. Explain the reason for return. The full purchase price will be refunded.

  • $3.75 flat-rate per order. Ships within 30 days to United States addresses only.

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