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DIAMONDIZED™ 3D nozzles (nanodiamond chromed and non-stick polymer coated) deliver superior performance over even premium nozzles, with greater precision, clog resistance, and extended life. Outstanding performance with abrasive or standard materials.


Our Diamondized™ nozzles carry a five-year limited warranty including a minimum of 15 kg of non-filled PLA or 3 kg of 30% carbon PTEG.


Nozzles are tested by measuring the extrusion. DIAMONDIZED™ nozzles show no change in extrusion, throughout the lifecycle. DIAMONDIZED™ nozzles have better thermodynamics characterized by minimal temperature drift or overshot on heat-up. Print performance is smoother and cleaner with less drag and rare clogging. Receive high quality results even with lower grades of PLA.


Easy nozzle maintenance; simply wipe the hot nozzle with a paper towel.

MK10 3D Diamondized™ Printer Nozzle

  • Contact NMPI for a return item authorization. Include your name, address, sales receipt and the remaining unused product. Explain the reason for return. The full purchase price will be refunded.

  • $4.75 flat-rate per order. Ships within 30 days to United States addresses only.

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