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Are Chronic Equipment Failures Affecting Your 3D Printer Performance?

  • Lack of Reliability

  • Inconsistent Quality

The solution may be smaller than you think!

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a lengthy print job unattended knowing you won’t return to a mess? How about having a print that is so finely laid down that it looks like a finished product without additional treatment such as sanding? Even better, what if you were able to realize both AND have a nozzle that lasted, and lasted, and lasted, and continued to deliver consistently high quality prints?

A lot of elements must be “just right” to produce a consistent, high quality outcome.


  • Your 3D printer has to be tuned to the job, material used and the nozzle.


  • The material has to be high quality without inclusions, prints without tiny “pockets” in the print, and demonstrates exceptional layer-to-layer adherence.


  • The nozzle must produce a consistent flow at the wide range of temperatures used for PLA or ABS, respond quickly to temperature change, and do so without clogging.


  • The print job itself must adhere firmly to the printer bed yet allow the final print to be removed without effort or damage.


It's Diamondized™!!

Our nanodiamond crystals, produced through the process of detonation synthesis, have a unique set of properties that can best be described as “magical” (as Arthur C. Clarke might have described them) in their effects.


They are sufficiently minute that they can infiltrate the crystal lattice of metals, making the surface ‘diamond hard’.


They also have functional groups of interesting chemicals on their surface and they carry a substantial electrical charge, typically -30 to -70 millivolts. Taken together, nanodiamond crystals are an outstanding engineering material.

Diamondized™ 3D Printing Solutions

Printer Nozzles Group1.png

3D Printer Nozzles

Receive a smoother and cleaner print performance with less drag and rare clogging

PLAce Holder3.png

PLAce Holder™ Print Bed Coating

Enhanced surface tension means a perfect print every time!


PLA Nano Filament2.png

PLA NANO Filaments

Prints faster, delivers a near flawless print without internal “bubbles”

Need a customized 3D printer solution? Interested a bulk purchase? Please contact Marshall Weingarden to discuss. He can be reached at (248) 529-3873 or email 

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